How much do you charge?
This is the most common question DJs get.  Our prices can be found by clicking on the pricing link in the menu.  Some DJs do not have pricing on their websites but we believe in letting people know how much they are going to pay.  No matter what your budget is or how fancy your venue is, the price is the same.  Some other "professional" entertainers do not work that way.

Can we pay with a Credit card?
If you would like to pay with a credit/debit card, we will send an invoice via Email for you to pay that way.  We also accept Venmo.

Will you meet with us?
We would love to meet with each couple when possible before making a decision.  That is not always possible but this is the best way to see if we are the Entertainment company for your event.  And we always meet before your wedding to go over every last detail.

Do I need to pick out all of the songs for the dance?
No.  You will need to pick out a few songs for certain dances (first dance, wedding party dance, etc.).  We pride ourselves on being able to read a crowd.

Do you charge a mileage fee?
A mileage fee will be added if the event is out of our general service area.  Our area is approximately 50 miles from Long Prairie, MN.  The first 100 miles round trip are free.  

Can we come watch you perform?
Weddings are private events and allowing someone who was not invited to come watch is not possible.  Your event will be treated the same way

Do you offer ceremony services?
Yes we do.  We have a small ceremony system available.  It is one speaker with a hand held microphone for the officiant and music before, during the ceremony and for the recessional. Prices are listed on the pricing page.

Can we control the volume of the music?
Absolutely.  We would rather have you to tell us to turn it up instead of turning it down.  You are in complete control. During dinner we start low and as the night progresses, it gets louder for open dancing.  We do recommend that if you have guests that do not care for louder music, to seat them as far away from the dance area as possible.  This will make them very happy. 

Do you carry back up equipment?
Yes.  In 2011, I had my mixer go out on me.  It took about 10 minutes to switch out the mixer and we were back up and running.  If I did not have that extra mixer, the night would have been over because this happened 15 minutes into the dance portion of the evening. We carry a back up speaker system, back up mixer, back up sources for playback and extra cables, cords and other needed items.

Do you carry Insurance?
Yes.  We carry a liability policy written especially for DJs.  You can feel safe that if something happens, we will be able to provide protection.  Thankfully, in 20 plus years, I have never had to make any claims.   
Frequently Asked Questions